lAlmost finished

03/07/2011 07:49

This site is almost finished.I have to go through the images that are uploaded and delete some duplicates.My husband and i are still going to work on a new rosary guide based on a wall rosary that belonged to my mother. This will take time.

I've added some new pages and images-there may be the addition of a few more images. However,most of what i intended to do here is done.

Some are pages i had not intended to do but felt inspired to do as i went along.

There is such a thing as maybe being too long or too short.I hope this is just right. I tried to think of the most common objections non Catholics have to our love of Mary.I hope i answered them simply and respectfully.

Love of Mary can never exclude an even greater love of Jesus. I know He doesn't mind at all.

If there's an objection i missed pls include it in a comment and i'll respond immediately if i can.

Be assured you won't have to wait too long.

You can always stop by the Cathoilc Pillar and Foundation message board. In the end i may include a section on the Eastern Catholic ChurchLook for this page in the near future.I would hate to leave it out.