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Am Catholic,married,pro life and conservative. Although i obliviate liberally and often. My favorite shows are EWTN and Fox.I do not watch any other tv.

My favorite writers are GK Chesterton,John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.I am here to give thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary for a favor recieved and to ask for another favor in healing our family. Not only will i give thanks to Mary but i will definitely defend the doctrine of the Church re Mary-and any other doctrine.

I am also here to represent  a Catholic Message Board that has been together for over 3 yrs.We're more like family.

We began at a place called Ezboard.It was a very popluar service to set up message boards. We had intended to stay there.

Then EZboard decided to change to a site called Yuku. We were not pleased.We checked into a number of services similar to Ezboard. After some trial and error we found exactly what we wanted at proforums.com.

What do i do in spare time? Enjoy fixing computers. Also enjoy anything internet/computer related.Am a novice but try very hard.

My dad was an interior decorator and from him learned a love of color, presentation and doing the best you can do at any job. Speaking of which;i am a homebound Catholic meaning i recieve the Eucharist at home every First Friday and watch Mass via EWTN.I have a disorder called

Meniere's Disease.In case you're really stumped now(no small wonder)here is some info:


Surgery is not an option for me.It came up in discussion with our family physician but if you have this disorder decide for yourself.Talk it over with YOUR family doctror and get HIS advice.My doctor opposed it but this is not to say yours will. A health issue is a personal matter. In closing i will say that i also want to dedicate this to my 2 wonderful parents.I miss them terribly and look forward to the day when we all be together again.Dad died after suffering Parkinson's and mom succumbed to cancer. They both died on the 23rd-a month,year apart. Mom should be here.She was improving.She was doing very well.She was planning to go to Hawaii. She is with dad now and that is where she would want to be.


Pray the rosary.Pray it every day.Pray the rosary to end abortion.


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