why do they call it pro choice?

02/10/2011 02:33

everyone has choices. Women have choices. I spend every day making choices,don't you? We make all kinds of choices in our life.

So why do they call it pro choice when s the ability(freedom) to make choices have never been up for debate? Why not calll it what it REALLY is, pro abortion.You see if it's called  pro choice and you are  pro life they can say, you are anti choice or anti woman.I also know that if you're running for office and admit to being pro life if is difficult (if not impossible)to get elected. You will have an uphill battle.You will be called all kinds of nasty things. They will paint you as being anti woman,anti choice,uncompassionate,mean,loony,wanting for force a religion on people.It really is a battle to get elected being pro life.People will say "it's divisive." Know what? YES it is.

Why? How can this issue even be debatable?